Welcome to Nightmare!

We're a Semi-Custom OSRS Server Built from the Legendary KRONOS Base, Massive thanks to the Kronos team for giving us the chance to also work on the base and introduce our own ideas!, When you join us you'll find we run things a little differently around here, Don't let that put you off we have a crack pot team that's thriving to help you out! We're an RSPS Looking to stay, we're in this for the long run, We want to build you a home! somewhere you can come and play with your friends! If you require an support or assitance the best form of contact is our Discord server there you'll be able to meet other players and also chat with the staff team! we're always active and we're also actively doing something with the community! So what are you waiting for? Go hit that download page and grab the client today!

Join our Discord today!

Chamber Of Xerics

Our Chambers of Xerics is not 1:1 with OSRS it's a semi custom with better rewards and a better grind feeling to it the entire raid scales based on the party size! the more players the more points the better rewards! We've spent countless hours correcting and fixing the raid to make it better in every single way!

The Nightmare of Ashihama

Our Nightmare of Ashihama is also not 1:1 with OSRS, it's semi customised with Scaling and also with working mechanics! there maybe a few slight issues you might find but nothing that we can't fix! we're happy to take any and all suggestion on board! As I've said before this server is being built by a community that is sick and tired of RSPS servers turning up for a few months and the just falling of the face of the plant! we want a home as well, we also want a grind!